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you think it, we bake it!

We want to be part of the celebration!

Place your order with us today for your next event.

You can either fill out our online form or call us at (212) 206-8500.

Because we like to perfect the cake making process, from the sketching of your cake, to the final frosting details, we suggest placing your order 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event!

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Order Type * Check off items that you would like to include in your order!

Delivery or Pick-Up? * You can either pick up your order at the Bakeshop, located on 535 Hudson Street, New York or we will gladly deliver it for you! (Please note: delivery fees may vary depending on location.)

Date: What day do you need your order to be ready for pick-up/delivery?

Month: Day: Year:

Time Please enter the best time to pick-up/deliver your cake!

If you would like your order to be delivered, please enter the delivery address below.

Feel free to further describe your order!


All goodies are baked fresh from scratch every morning!

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