Our Sweet Beginnings...

It all began in 2009; Rodolfo and Patricia started baking for family and friends. Soon more people started inquiring about their creations, with the demand growing up quickly. With popular requests mounting they decided it was time to open their own bakeshop.

Why New York?

We had two things in mind while on the hunt for the perfect location for Sweet Corner Bakeshop: 1. It had to be located on the best corner of the West Village, and 2. It needed to be in a building with windows big enough that would allow passersby to watch our talented team of “Cake designers” at work.

Aside from our Cake Boutique Window, we like to highlight another feature that allows our customers to see the status of their cakes: the inspiration chalkboard. This chalkboard painted wall allows our cake designer, Rodolfo, to start his first steps in the cake creating process: drawing out the sketch of the clients’ cake. We love to see the look on our clients faces as they see their piece transition from a drawing on the wall to the beautifully decorated cake they requested.

So, can New Yorkers cop a cup of Joe?

We can’t leave out a very important part of our Bakeshop, our coffee. Red House Roasters provides us with an exclusive blend that was very carefully picked out. While our espresso blend contains the perfect mixture of Brazilian, Honduras and Flores coffee beans, our regular drip contains an irresistible combination of Brazilian and Colombian beans. In case you need to have more than one cup (which happens quite often) we provide pre-packaged bags of our unique blend for you to take home.

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

“4 kinds of chocolate, 3 kinds of love and Sea Salt from France,” is what we tell those who ask about the recipe.


We’ll let you in on our little secret though. It all starts with the perfect combination of high quality ingredients. Using Callebaut high premium Belgium chocolate, we mix Dark chocolate cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate chunks and dark chocolate chunks.  In the end, we add the perfect amount of sea salt, delivered straight from France, which creates the perfect blend that is impossible to describe unless you try one for yourself! We weren’t given the title of “Best Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie in Town” for no reason!